GIVE was founded with a focus on developing authentic relationships with our partners, customers, and community— so that we could put the 50/50 Principle into action. Through Give Relief, Give Ventures and Give Homes, we have created full-scale programs for supporting others through our time and resources.


The world we'll live in tomorrow will largely be shaped by the imagination of today’s entrepreneurs. Yet not all of that cultural influence is leading to healthy lives or positive social impact today. The world needs entrepreneurs and builders who follow an alternative script of purpose, success, and human flourishing. Give Ventures vision is to engage and empower nations of entrepreneurs to build sustainable business for God's good.


Inspired by our partnership with Noah Homes in San Diego, California we will soon be purchasing a 25-acre property in Florida to break ground in 2022 for Give Homes. We are funding the construction of residential care for adults with developmental disabilities who deserve access to a forever home, a sense of belonging and commitment to the value of an engaging community.


Because we believe in giving;  not just the outcome of our giving, or the recognition of our giving, or the good feeling we get when we give to something good, but in giving itself. We believe we have to be an example to the world even if it’s just one person in our world at that moment. We have no choice but to give and grow in giving if we want to be “Working to Give.”

This is where Give Relief comes from. Our quest, mission, and calling to be givers. To be a solution to the problem of the devaluation, discreditation, and the fear of giving and show the necessity and joy and freedom of giving. 

What will we give? Relief. 
What’s Relief? It’s a break or an end to pain, worry, and hardship. 
Join us in giving and make your tax deductible gift here.