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Founder & CEO

Working to Give

Matthew Holguin is the Founder and CEO of Working to Give, who defines the success of business by how much it gives and not how much it makes.

Matt thinks it is awkward to write a bio in "third person," pretending that someone else is writing it. So he asked those who matter most to him, know him best and would be the most honest, to tell you about him....him FAMILY:
"Matt is passonate. He is relentless, inspiring, scatter brain and consumes too much protein powder. Matt is a humble leader and you don't want to be around him if you're injured because he's clumsy. He is family-loving a serial entrepreneur and loves to talk with people. Matt is never home, always traveling, lives our of a duffle bag, and when he says he's on his way or almost there it means he is still in his living room. Usually late, always smiling, always happy, never ruffled and always encouraging."
And from his youngest brother..."An awful basketball player."



Chief Operating Officer

Give Theme Parks

Cheston Holguin is an Operating Steward of Give Parks. Mainly because he just likes to be in happy places, but who doesn't? He has been with the company since its inception and help serve the first scoop of gelato. His first high profile job was a gelato scooper and counter scrubber; but has now graduated to cleaning kiosks and helping his team become more successful.

Working to Give has provided Cheston a platform to do what he does best, inspire people and fine tune operations. Cheston loves to spend time outdoors and tries his best to keep his chickens from getting eaten. His drive and hope in life is that God will find him diligent in helping those in need.



Chief Operating Officer

The Stocking Project

Carly has been with Working To Give since early 2014 when she married into the boisterous Holguin family. Her jobs have varied from gyms to concession trailers but she is currently in charge of The Stocking Project – an enormous Downtown Disney charity event. Working to Give has truly opened her eyes to the many needs around the world and has inspired her to help fill them.

Carly is from an amazing family of 13 and may know a thing or two about changing diapers! She enjoys being home out in the country with her husband Cheston and is a strong advocate for putting Kerrygold butter on everything!



Chief Operating Office

Give Fitness

While simultaneously serving in the United States Marine Corps, Josh began his career in the health & fitness industry in 2002 at just eighteen years old. What started with housekeeping & maintenance led to fitness instruction and group exercise, ultimately landing Josh in sales and upper management. He married his wife, Brianna, in 2005 and they now have three beautiful daughters. Through his experience in the industry, Josh developed a concept for a different type of fitness product that eventually became the first GIVE Venture project.

Through a partnership with Working to Give, the concept was mutually advanced to establish GIVE Fitness Health Club. Josh currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Fitness Division for Working to Give and the Managing Partner of each gym location.



Chief Operating Officer

Give Fairs & Festivals

Fabian was Born 1955 in Hawthorne California. Learned through Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts about God, honor and doing your best. At age 17 was hired as the youngest worker in the history of Southern California Edison. Retired after 34yrs of working in Hydro Power Generation, High Voltage Grid Control and Power Distribution departments. Fabians leadership includes Chairman of Southern California Edison's Behavior Based Safety Team and Edison Internationals Volunteers Organized in Community Enrichment. Fabians love for helping grow the youth of today was President-Vice President and Coach of the Kern Valley Football League and High School Booster club President-Vice President. Fabian started and coached Kern Valley youth wrestling and was Vice President of the Kern Valley FFA. Fabian has been working with Working To Give from its inception and now holds the title of Senior Helper and Senior waffle baker for Working to Give. Fabian loves God-Family-Friends and Country. He loves the outdoors, BBQ, Baseball, Football, traveling and meeting/making new friends.



Creative Director

As Creative Director, Sterling brings 25 years of creative talent to the table.

Upon graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Sterling landed a job in the entertainment industry creating moving posters, DVD packaging, advertising, billboards, product displays and most everything related to print design. As time went on Sterling opened up his own creative studio, Sterling Designs, and has established working relationships with clients in a variety of categories ranging from aerospace, motor sports, medical supplies, food service, POP display, packaging, and health & fitness to name a few.

While contracting steady design work for Downtown Disney, Sterling was introduced to Matt and his Gelato cart. With the success of a few small projects, Sterling was brought on to the ground (dirt) floor of the soon-to-be-named GIVE Fitness Health Club, as its Creative Director.

From logo development to bathroom interiors, kid care room, interior graphics and all print design, Sterling has work closely with Matt and Josh to establish a unique fitness brand that is recognized in the community, and soon globally.

Sterling has also been the creative force behind many of the Downtown Disney carts branding as well as new and on-going global businesses that Working to GIVE has established.